Snake Robot

Age 12-14

INR 1175.00


Snake Robot is a robot which perfectly replicates the wavy zigzag snake movement. Robot movement is controlled by snake robot head, which has a controlling mechanism composed of DC motors, transistors, resistors, capacitors & integrated circuit (IC).
The wavy motion of snake robot is as follows: When the left DC motor is OFF and the right motor is ON, the head of the snake turns to the left. Immediately after this movement, the right motor turns OFF and the left motor turns ON making the snake head to turn right. This process continues smoothly so that the snake head keeps on turning left and right continuously, thereby generating a wavy motion of the snake body which are pieces of plastic sheets linked to one another using nuts and bolts.

Component list

1. Snake Head (Composed of DC motors, transistor circuit, rubber wheels and Toggle switch) 2. Body links (Composed of hard metal wires and beads) 3. Nuts and Bolts 4. Battery

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