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Mental Mathematics classes for ages 5+

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  • Stem Champs Know More

    Prepare your child for the future of STEM with hands-on practical learning lessons that empower & inspire.

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    Prepare your child for the digital future with interactive & live coding classes for kids.

  • Aarkubers Know More

    Sharpen your child’s problem-solving skills with Rubik’s cube mastery course.

  • Aark Mastermind Know More

    Boost your child’s hands on number skills & increase their calculation power with Mental Math & Memory Enhancement.

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Getting Started Is As Easy As 1234

Step 1

Book & attend your free trial class with us

Step 2

Hang tight while you receive a call from our course executive to clear all your doubts

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Enroll for the course you want

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Frequently Asked Question's

Aark Learnings offers the best online mental maths classes for kids of all ages and abilities that help them develop math skills and a love of numbers. Our students, who can start from age 2, take a test at the beginning of their career to ensure they start working at the most appropriate level. They study according to their ability, regardless of their age and school level. Thus, it is the right decision for any student who wants to evolve or excel in mathematics.

Our children's math program advances in small steps, with math exercises ranging from the most basic notions, like recognizing numbers, to more complex math theories. In this way, knowledge is gradually consolidated. We believe that all children have the potential to master math and our mentors, thanks to their experience, help them to do so. Students develop the ability to learn for themselves as they understand and feel more comfortable in each topic before moving on to the next.

Aarkoders by Aark Learnings offers you the best online classes for kids. We develop our students for the challenges of the future, bringing technology and fun to their daily lives. Here, your child has the opportunity to develop skills that will really be useful for his future. Our students are guided by teachers trained by a team of technology specialists. The classrooms have Minimum students so that every kid is given attention individually. They learn in a relaxed and dynamic way. The environment is 100% digital to enhance learning.

Educational institutions all over the world have recognized STEM education as fundamental to all students. This is because the role of specialists in these disciplines is critical to the growth of their economy. It was recognized that learning from the STEM program offers an excellent opportunity to be part of the much-desired future workforce. There is a wide range of career options for specialists in these disciplines. Furthermore, it also makes them innovative and technology savvy. This not only expands career options for students but also promotes a complete education. Aark STEAM Champs is a special online course developed for kids for providing high-quality teaching of STEM subjects.

Aarkubers online classes for kids by Aark Learnings are suitable for any child who wants to learn how to assemble the Rubik's Cube completely from scratch. No prior knowledge is needed. It is designed to guide your young children through the learning process, in detail and step by step. This is the method that Aarkubers has implemented with great success for several years through workshops that helps in developing multiple skills in children. With Aarkubers online Rubik’s cube classes for children, they can learn to assemble the Rubik's Cube in an effective and fun way.

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