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The New Literacy Of The 21st Century

We are currently transitioning into a digital economy with technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, IOT, and robotics taking center stage. Students who learn the new literacy -- coding, stay ahead of the game & develop innovative mindsets. An early start into coding will prepare them to be the creators of tomorrow.

Coding Class


New Education Policy by Government of India has inaugurated Coding at school level from a young age to pave the path for young generation. The National Education Policy (NEP), has introduced Coding at a young age to enhance the exposure to technology and create a path to a new world of innovation and creativity. Tech thinkers and educators believe that coding is a game-changer and a new generation will use analytical thinking to solve the problem. It will help in developing skills to deal with problems whether it is maths, science, or humanities, and will be ready for the future

Why Choose Aarkoders Online Coding Classes For kids

Aarkoders is the easiest way to enhance your child’s computational thinking & problem solving abilities. From interactive coding classes to computer fundamentals, our certified trainers will help equip your child for the digital future.

Benefits Of Aarkoders Online Coding Classes For kids

Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Lifetime Content Accessibility

Lifetime Content Accessibility

Project-Based Learning

Project Based Learning

Regular assessment

Regular assessment

Live Practice Sessions

Live Practice Sessions

Live Doubt Solving

Live Doubt Solving

Learning Outcomes Of Kids Coding Classes

  • critical thinking


    critical thinking

  •  problem solving & thinking skills


    problem solving & thinking skills

  • computational skills


    computational skills

  • innovation



  • imagination & creativity


    imagination & creativity

  • Enhances

    ability to build

  • Drives


  • Fosters

    imagination & creativity

    imagination & creativity
  • Enhances

    ability to build

    ability to build
  • Opens up

    career opportunities

  • Improves logical thinking


    logical thinking

  • Opens up career opportunities

    career opportunities
  • Improves logical thinking

    Improves logical thinking
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Inspiring The Next Generation Of Tech Geniuses

Computer Coding Courses
Designed For Every Child

Programming Language Specific Courses

Want to specialise in a particular coding language? Join us on a journey to explore your favourite programming language from basics to advance with live practice sessions and project based self-paced learning courses designed specially to make you excel in any particular programming language.

Course Highlights

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Age & Grade Specific Courses

Find the perfect module for your child’s coding journey. If you are not sure which programming language would be good for your kid to start, we have got you covered with our uniquely designed courses to offer best knowledge of computer programming as per the age and grade of the child.

Course Highlights

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Computer Fundamentals Courses

The world around us is rich in information & technology making it necessary for every individual to be skilled in computers. A head start in computer fundamentals will set your child up for success in today’s digital-first world. MS Office is one of the most basic necessities that one can’t do without in today’s schools and professional world.

Course Highlights

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Online Coding For Kids

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FAQ's About Coding Classes

Coding allows any person to communicate with the computers. A code tells the computer what action to take and gives it the needed instructions to act accordingly. Coding is a way to communicate with machines like computers.

Aarkoders is the computer coding wing of Aark Learnings, it is a leading coding program for kids. Hundreds of learners in our online coding classes for kids learn how to write in actual programming languages through its many kid-friendly training modules. Aarkoders offers an engaging and enjoyable curriculum for kids starting from age group 5 years.
The curriculum is designed in a specialized way as per the age, grade and learning interest of any child.

In this digital age, coding is a fundamental literacy, and it is critical for children to comprehend and be able to interact with and understand the technology around them. Thus, it is important that they attend the best online coding classes specially designed for kids at an early age.

We at Aarkoders’ online Coding courses won’t recommend anyone two or more programming languages at the same time, as learning to code is an ever-going process and one should not be in a hurry to learn multiple coding languages at the same time as it will only create confusion for him/her.

Coding and Programming are the two important aspects of software development. Unlike the belief of many people, they are not the same thing. Coding is a subset of programming and the debate for the same is never-ending for the two.

This answer depends on your age group: There is no perfect age as when and how to start coding though we recommend that at Aarkoders coding classes for kids, any child above 5 years can start his/her coding journey with us,

  1. Age group 5 to 8 should start with Block Programming
  2. Age group 8 to 11 should learn the advanced applications of Block programming to design games and applications
  3. Age groups above 11 should start with text-based coding like HTML, Java, C++ and Python etc.

For more details contact our Admission Counselling team.

Learning to code at an early age prepares children for the future - The future is already here, IT’S NOW!. When a child learns to code, he or she extends their level of creativity and lateral thinking. Coding in the present tech age has become an essential life skill.

Learning to code from an early age with Aarkoders’ online Coding classes will help your child achieve long-term success. Even if they do not pursue a career in computer science, it offers them an advantage in almost every modern sector.

How do your online coding classes help in my kid’s school education? Kids in school have never created an app, game, website, animation completely on their own before. Coding teaches kids to think in a way that tells them there's always a solution to a problem. If the first solution doesn't work, try a different one. Also, with the introduction of the New Education Policy, coding has been made mandatory in schools.

Online coding classes for kids provided by Aarkoders are strictly designed by industrial professionals and we offer a curriculum that teaches you in real programming languages like HTML, C++, Java, Python and many more. Our curriculum is formulated such that any child has two options:

  1. If he/she is 100% sure to learn and excel in any particular programming language, then we have programming language specific courses
  2. If he/she is not aware or has little/less idea about which coding course to start with then we have age and grade specific courses that are uniquely curated as per the age and grade of any child and this course provides exposure to different programming languages.
  3. As compared to other courses in the same segment, the curriculum we provide is very budget-friendly to the parents along with specialized training from certified professionals.

Apart from this, we also offer computer fundamentals covering all the basics of MS Office.

We teach real text-based coding, not the simulation-based ones that others are offering in the same segment.

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate at the end of every level for each course.

Yes, we have few ongoing fixed discounts:

1. Refer and Earn discount:
  • Anyone can be a part of Aark Learnings Refer & Earn Policy
  • Your referral code will let anyone avail a bonus discount of 5% on any course with Aark Learnings.
  • Any individual coming through your referral code will let you earn up to 8% Cashback or Money Back.
2. More than one Course discount:
  • If you enrol for 2 different courses at the same time then you are eligible for a 10% discount.
  • If you enrol for more than two different courses at the same time then you are eligible for a 15% discount.

For any other ongoing discounts, please follow us on social media handles or contact our Admission counselling team

Yes, we offer part payment options for the flexibility of the parents. For complete details, please visit our course information section.

Yes. There will be a 10% discount on siblings’ admission in the same course.

We recommend at least 2 sessions in a week which are up to 1 hour each.

For 1:1 Classes - We give an option to the parents to choose their preferable time & for Group Classes - we have batches as per age group/module level for which the class timings are listed on the website. In case you have any special requirement, please contact our Admission Counselling team.

Yes, there is a part payment option available for a few of our coding courses, for more details please visit our course section or contact our Admission Counselling team.

We have a 100% refund policy for any unused credits/classes.

Basically, 1:1 class is an option where students want to go for a course where they are individually taught by a teacher. We give the option of preferable batch timings selection to parents for 1:1 coding classes for kids. Group class is an opportunity to learn in a competitive environment where minimum 2 and maximum 4 students sit in a pre decided batch with a teacher and hence it is more budget friendly than 1:1 classes. The teachers, curriculum, teaching methodology, duration of each class everything is the same in 1:1 and group class.

Yes, we believe that learning is an active rather than a passive process and to make it more engaging and beneficial for students, we provide notes, assignments and quizzes for each of the sessions. Apart from this, parents/students can track their progress from our Student Dashboard. You also get a student report card based on his/her performance once the course is completed.

All of our teachers are certified and skilled to take any of our listed courses. They have taught more than 100+ kids all over the globe.

The course has been uniquely designed to fit in the need of any student as per his/her age, grade or interest. Our content curators are industry professionals with more than 10+ years of teaching experience in the same sector.

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