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Future with AarkBots

As we move closer to a full automated future, Robotics & AI will play a major role in everything we do. With early education in Robotics & AI, you can empower your child with future academic and career skills that are critical to their success. Robotics is easily adopted by young minds who have grown up with Transformers, Wall-E, and Iron-man and with Aark Learnings’ Aarkbots program, you can help your child step into the future.

Why Learn Robotics with AarkBots?

AarkBots is an overall development program where students learn to be active problem solvers and develop real tech-enabled solutions to problems we face today. Our hands-on online classes will help nurture the next generation of thinkers, builders, and innovators.

Training by experienced professionals

Course curated by Industry experts

Learn the fundamentals of Robot dynamics

Lifetime video content accessibility

Project based learning modules

20+ Robotics Exploration DIY Kits

Uniquely designed in-house Robotics Kits

Expand 21st Century required skill set

Create & handle challenging projects

Get certified for every Robotics course

Learning Outcomes

  • Consolidates basic concepts through guided practical exercises

  • Helps to acquire skills related to electrical and electronic circuitry

  • Develops an ability to correlate technology to real time problem solving

  • Helps to understand different types of sensors and electronic components

  • Triggers a sense of creativity and technical knowhow useful in industry

  • Facilitates practical application of concepts learnt in Maths and Science

  • Develops ability to design mechanical parts and systems used in robots

  • Provides total insight into control systems used in robotic dynamics

  • It opens up so many career opportunities in numerous sectors

Inspiring The Next Generation

Unique Kits Designed for Your Child


Ages: 12 - 14 Years Grade 6 - 8


Ages: 15 - 18 Years Grade 9 - 12

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  • 20 +
    Robotics Exploration DIY Kits

  • 500 +
    Kits Delivered

  • 200+
    Happy Customers

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