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Enhance Your Child’s Natural Intelligence & Memory

Aark Masterminds helps your child become math confident with mental mathematics and mind mapping with fun & engaging online mental math classes for kids.

Beat the Calculator with Aark Masterminds Mental Math Classes

  • mathematical thinking

    Boosts mathematical thinking

  • Simplifies complex situations

    complex situations
  • Enhances concentration power

  • Improves memory power

    memory power
  • Mastery in number sense

    Number sense
  • Improves reasoning & critical thinking

    critical thinking
  • Opens up career opportunities

    career opportunities
  • complex situations

    Simplifies complex situations

  • concentration

    Enhances concentration power

  • memory power

    Improves memory power

  • Number sense

    Mastery in number sense

  • critical thinking

    Improves reasoning & critical thinking

  • career opportunities

    Opens up career opportunities

Inspiring The Next Generation Of Masterminds


Like Albert Einstein said, “There is a genius in all of us.” In today’s world, the use of numbers and figures can be found all around us, from cooking and medicine to understanding space and making sense of data. That’s why to get ahead today, becoming friendly with numbers is not only important but is critical at a young age. Inspire the next generation of masterminds with Aark Learnings memory enhancement classes for kids.

Why Choose Aark Masterminds Mental Math Classes

Aark Masterminds mental math course for kids is an overall development program where students get to expand their scope of mathematical thinking & reasoning. From solving complex problems to creative and fun exercises, our certified trainers will help your child prepare for the future.

Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Math Genius

Become a Math Genius


Software based learning

Regular assessment

Regular assessment

Live Practice Sessions

Live Practice Sessions

Doubt Solving

Live Doubt Solving

Inspiring The Next Generation

Mental Math Courses
Designed for Every Child

Genius Kid is the pioneer of Mental Math Development in children. Their innovative and effective program helps instill higher concentration, IQ levels, emotional stability, enhanced creativity & intuitiveness, self-confidence and so much in your children. The Genius Kid program is divided into 3 modules, each 12-15 months long. Each module is certified with quarterly assessments to track your child’s progress.

What’s Inside The Mental Mathematics
Kit By Genius Kid







Exercise Books

Daily Exercise Books

Module Books

Module Books

Professional cube

3x3 Professional Cube

ICA Registration

ICA Registration Number

Cube Formula Card

Cube Formula Card & Cube Stand.

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Our Mental Math Course At A Glance

  • 50+
    Registered Students

  • 10000+
    Learning Hours

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FAQ's About Mental Math Classes

Aark Masterminds is the mental mathematics and memory enhancement wing of Aark Learnings. We have a vision to make kids math innovators with our unique concepts and personalized learning techniques that make math easy and the most loved subject for kids starting from age 5 to age 15 years. We offer the best mental math courses for kids under Aark Masterminds.

Geniuskid are the pioneers in the field of mental math from a long time. They have an aim to create the fastest mental mathematics programs with all the calculations done in your head within seconds.

The learning benefits of this mental math course are endless. Few of the things that you learn in the first leg of the course shall be as follows:

  1. Rubik's Cube Solving
  2. Memory Addition
  3. Memory Subtraction
  4. Memory Multiplication
  5. Memory Division
  6. Memory Subjects
  7. Pre-Memorised Cubing : 20 Notation
  8. Binary Digits Basic - Calendar Dates

We make children learn the concepts of mental math and memory to develop their confidence and enlighten them to visualize numbers in a whole new way. The idea is to develop children’s love towards numbers and make calculations so easy for them that they can do it all by just listening without the usage of any pen or paper. Once a child is exposed to such creative and innovative teaching methodology they develop an overall confidence to emerge victorious in different fields of education at various levels.

No, a short course option is not available with this course. It is advisable to go for at least a one year course to get best results for a child.

There is a course refund policy. For more details, contact our Admission Counselling team.

Module 1 is a beginner module. Next modules will be of Intermediate and Advance course modules.

Yes, we have few ongoing fixed discounts:

1. Refer and Earn discount:
  • Anyone can be a part of Aark Learnings Refer & Earn Policy
  • Your referral code will let anyone avail a bonus discount of 5% on any course with Aark Learnings.
  • Any individual coming through your referral code will let you earn up to 8% Cashback or Money Back.
2. More than one Course discount:
  • If you enrol for 2 different courses at the same time then you are eligible for a 10% discount.
  • If you enrol for more than two different courses at the same time then you are eligible for a 15% discount.

For any other ongoing discounts, please follow us on social media handles or contact our Admission counselling team

Yes, we offer part payment options for the flexibility of the parents. For complete details, please visit our course information section.

Yes. There will be a 10% discount on siblings’ admission in the same course.

We recommend at least 3 sessions in a week which are up to 1 hour each. The course is designed in a way that you are required to take at least 12 sessions per month.

For 1:1 Classes - We give parents an option to choose their preferable time. In case you have any special requirement, please contact our Admission counselling team.

Compared to other Mathematics programmes like Vedic maths & Kumon classes which are useful but only till a certain stage and these involve memorization of complex formulas which might be difficult for children of small age. We offer a much balanced curriculum where we teach the fastest mental calculation with the help of a software. In our curriculum the base concept remains abacus but all the teaching is done through the Software Only

The 3x3 Cube course is an integral part of Mental Mathematics. As it helps in improving eye hand coordination, concentration, and it’s a both brain activity. Hence, improving the brain speed.

As per research and studies, the best age for the brain to develop and grow has been observed between 4 to 6 years. If children are exposed to such brain development and memory enhancement programs it will give them a head start to apply all these skills and excel in their regular school work & day to day life.

No, the curriculum is designed in such a manner that it only compliments what a child is taught in the school. For a very long time, Abacus learning has been considered as one of the most impactful tools to learn speed mathematics. Our programme makes your child develop a whole new vision in the manner in which he/she visualizes numbers.

Basically, 1:1 class is an option where students want to go for a course where they are individually taught by a teacher. We give the option of preferable batch timings selection to parents for 1:1 STEM class.
Group class is an opportunity to learn in a competitive environment where a minimum 2 and maximum of 4 students sit in a pre-decided batch with a teacher and hence it is more budget-friendly than 1:1 classes.
The teachers, curriculum, teaching methodology, duration of each class everything is the same in 1:1 and group class.

Yes, for sure Children who have some issues with school math can develop much required interest in mathematics as a subject with our program. The requirement of regular practice and class regularity will help them to benefit out the most from the program. If children understand numbers, then they will definitely start loving math.

Yes, children are expected to spend 20 minutes a day on their homework which they get after each class. They will be getting exercise books which they have to regularly solve for best results.

We have a 100% refund policy for any unused credits/classes.

All of our teachers are certified and skilled under Geniuskid. They have taught more than 200+ kids all over the globe.

The course has been uniquely designed to fit in the need of any student as per his/her age, grade or interest. The chief content curator is Geniuskid.

Yes, the course comes with a mandatory mental math kit with a dedicated ID and password for the student.

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