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Obstacle Avoider Robot

Age 12-14

INR 2200.00


Obstacle Avoiding Robot is a robot which cleverly avoid any obstacles that come in its path and changes its direction of movement. This robot mainly uses two optical sensors to identify the obstacles. Each sensor module consists of an IR emitter and a photo diode. The left side IR sensor module controls the left side wheel while the right side sensor module will control the right side wheel. When no obstacles in front of both IR sensors, robot moves in forward direction.
Now when the left side sensor module comes across any obstacle, IR light is reflected back by the obstacle and collected by the photo diode, hence commands the left side motor and wheel to rotate in the backward direction. Since the right side sensor has not come across any obstacle, it keeps on rotating in the forward direction and thereby causes the robot to rotate to the left. As soon as the robot rotates left, the sensor will no longer see the obstacle. Thus the left side wheel will start rotating in the forward direction along with the right side wheel and the robot again starts moving forward and straight. In this way the robot has successfully avoided the obstacle. In an identical process, the robot will turn to its right whenever the right side sensor comes across an obstacle and will successfully avoid the obstacle by turning to the right and then moving straight.

Component list

1. Chassis 2. IR Sensors 3. BO Wheels 4. BO DC Motors 5. Castor Wheel 6. L293D Motor Driver Circuit 7. 7404 Inverter IC 8. 7805 Voltage Regulator 9. Bread Board 10. Toggle Switch 11. Male/Female Connecting Wires 12. Double Sided Tape 13. Nuts/Bolts/Screws 14. Battery

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