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Line Follower Robot

Age 12-14

INR 2150.00


Line Follower Robot is a robot which moves along a black strip that is pasted on a white background. It uses an infra-red (IR) sensor and photo diode to reflect & detect IR light. IR light gets reflected by white surfaces and absorbed by black surfaces.
When the robot starts moving, both the IR sensors will be located on the white surface and both of them will produce a HIGH output. These HIGH outputs will cause rotation of both the motors and the robot moves forward. During forward movement if any sensor comes on to the black strip, the robot senses the black strip and automatically brought back the sensors onto the white background. In this way the robot is never allowed to stay away from the black strip.

Component list

1. Chassis 2. Optical Sensors 3. BO Wheels 4. BO DC Motors 5. Castor Wheel 6. L293D Motor Driver Circuit 7. 7805 Voltage Regulator 8. Bread Board 9. Toggle Switch 10. Male/Female Connecting Wires 11. Double Sided Tape 12. Nuts/Bolts/Screws 13. Black Tape 14. Battery

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