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Light Follower Robot

Age 12-14

INR 2150.00


Light follower robot is a robot which uses optical sensors to move forward and follow a light source.
The optical sensor is a photo diode that is mounted on the front end of the robot acts as an eye for the robot to pick up light emitted from the light source. The photo diode produces a HIGH output when light is incident on it. The HIGH output of the photo diode is fed to the enabling input of the L 293D motor driver which then produces DC output voltage to drive the two DC motors. The motor driver will be producing sufficient DC voltage to rotate both the motors and make the robot move forward in the direction of the light source. The robot keeps on moving forward as long as the light source is ON. When the light source is turned OFF, the output from the photo diode goes LOW and the motor driver does not get the enabling input to supply DC voltages to the two motors. Thus there will be no motor rotation and the robot stops moving.

Component list

1. Chassis 2. IR Sensors 3. BO Wheels 4. BO DC Motors 5. Castor Wheel 6. L293D Motor Driver Circuit 7. 7805 Voltage Regulator 8. Bread Board 9. Toggle Switch 10. Male/Female Connecting Wires 11. Double Sided Tape 12. Nuts/Bolts/Screws 13. Battery

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