Belt Driven Robot

Age 12-14

INR 2850.00


Belt Driven Robot is a simple wired control robot with four wheels. The robot is however driven by only two DC motors that are located at the rear end of the chassis. The two dummy wheels that are fixed at the front end on either side of the chassis will support the hard-rubber belt. Two hard-rubber belts are wrapped on the front and rear wheels that are fixed on either sides of the chassis. The rubber belts rotate when the DC motors are activated and facilitate forward and reverse movement of the robot. A switch module having two dual-pole dual-throw switches is used to move the robot both in the forward and reverse direction. The switches can also be used to turn the robot to the left or to the right. The function of these switches is to facilitate the required type of movement of the robot. By appropriately controlling the two switches the robot can be made to execute the required type of movements such as forward, backward, right turn and left turn.

Component list

1. Chassis 2. DC Motors 3. Dummy Shafts 4. Hard Rubber Belts 5. Wired Hand Held remote (Composed of 2-Way Switch Box with 2 switches) 6. Pulley Wheels 7. Male/Female Connecting Wires 8. Battery

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