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WhoAre We?

Aark Learning’s is an educational initiative to move one step closer to nurturing Innovation and uplifting creativity in the field of Modern Age Education. We are focused onto building the root level learning through practical implementation and hands-on knowledge so that whatever a child learns from an early age stays with them throughout the life. We work with Schools, Parents, Kids and some Business organizations to make learning easy and Fun.

WhatMatters to us?

At Aark Learning’s, we are focused to make foundation level education more experience and application based. We focus on methods like Do It Yourself(DIY) , Hands on and Kinesthetic Learning models which are most optimum methods for Experiential knowledge. As children begin to apply what they learn, there will be more doers, more scientists, more mathematicians and more biologists from the nation who shall do outstanding work in their chosen fields and help in a progressing Nation

What We Do?

We are here to develop the “SKILLS” – as it’s the most necessary requirement of this modern era. Kids need to be given an education that is more experience based and knowledge-equipped through our different conceptual fronts of factual and Hands-on learning. We follow an inter-disciplinary modeled approach where rigorous academic concepts get coupled with real life lessons and practical implementation. Aark Learning’s is currently associated with top rated schools, thousands of Parents all over the globe, hundreds of enthusiastic Kids. Also we extend our collaboration with many premium organizations to make Learning fun and easy. At Aark Learnings, we strongly emphasize on Practically Implemented Learning (PIL) approach for our students to spark that AARK which would ignite the fire of emerging as the best in whichever field they step into.


Chose the SMARTER WAY TO LEARN. Our motto is to make kids more “SKILLED”- Educating children only for what is required today won’t help the cause, we remain focus to prepare the kids not only for the present but also the new advancing future. Each of our curriculums is a combination for developing skills like motor skills, logical ability, design thinking, imagination power, and problem solving attitude, observational analysis, team work, bilateral coordination & creativity.

We strive to provide the best quality by keeping things raw and real. Conceptual knowledge and revelation to different tools is something which is required for the kids from an early age.
“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will”

Walking on the diligent path shown by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his NEW EDUCATION POLICY 2020

Any individual can opt for varied course simultaneously during his curriculum –supposedly they can learn subjects of arts along with their interests of Science and with our varied courses we offer ONE STOP SOLUTION to it.

Every child to learn at least one vocation and exposed to several more.

By 2025, at least 50% of learners through the school and higher education system shall have exposure to vocational education Similar internship opportunities to learn vocational subjects to students throughout Grades 6-12, including holiday periods.

Vocational courses through online mode will also be made available.

Schools are finding it challenging to keep up with the expectations of our ‘Gen-Z’ and already started drifting towards their need of a fresh, intuitive, discovery based, challenging education environment which has created inroads for STEAM education or experiential learning to our new age classrooms.

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