Edge detector robot

Edge Detection robot

Age 12-14

INR 2170.00


Edge Detector Robot is a robot that uses optical sensors to move-on top (white) of the table and is able to detect edges and prevents itself to fall of the table.
/This robot moves only on top of a white surface table without dropping down. It uses an infra-red (IR) sensor that can detect the reflected IR light. IR light gets reflected by white surfaces and absorbed by other surfaces. When the robot is placed on the table top , it starts moving, the IR sensor will therefore be facing the white surface and will be moving forward. As soon as the IR sensor crosses the edge of the table, the IR light is not reflected back due to the absence of the white surface. The IR sensor will stop one motor and keep the other motor in rotation so that the robot will now take a turn, right turn and bring the IR sensor back on to the white surface thereby avoiding dropping down from the table. Since, the IR sensor will be brought back onto the white background and robot will move forward again. In this way the robot moves only on top of the table (white surface) and hence does not drop down from the table.

Component list

Chassis 1. IR Sensor 2. BO Wheels 3. BO DC Motors 4. Castor Wheel 5. L293D Motor Driver Circuit 6. 7805 Voltage Regulator 7. Bread Board 8. Toggle Switch 9. Male/Female Connecting Wires 10. Double Sided Tape 11. Nuts/Bolts/Screws 12. Sensor Arm 13. Relay Circuit (Composed of transistor, resistor and diode) 14. Battery

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